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Real-time weather data comes to Windows Mobile devices
Mar. 01, 2007

Swift Weather is readying a subscription service aimed at bringing "comprehensive" weather-tracking information to users of Windows Mobile devices and other handhelds. Swift Mobile delivers multiple layers of weather data, including radar, cloud imagery, and severe weather warnings for blizzards, hurricanes, hail, wind, or tornadoes, according to the company.

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Swift Mobile will provide current conditions and daily forecasts based on location, and will also display the user's location on-screen. The fully interactive map display will support zoom, scroll, and drag for precise position, as well as the ability to be animated to show activity for the previous hour, Swift said. Additionally, an audible ring-tone and display on the device will alert a user to nearby weather threats and the estimated time of their arrival at the user's current location.

Swift Mobile will be offered in Standard and Premium editions. Features unique to the Premium edition are said to include:
  • A Today screen plug-in, which displays customized, location-based weather profiles and alerts
  • Storm reports from local law enforcement and storm spotters
  • Surface front display
  • Wind vector display
According to Swift CEO Rory Groves, "Swift Mobile will provide users of handheld devices the unique opportunity to know more than the local weatherman -- and know it first."

Swift Mobile will be available starting March 31, according to the company. The Standard edition will be priced at about $11 per month, while the Premium edition will go for around $14 monthly.

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